La Moda

My Favorite Thing(s)


Gen Z women want to belong. They want to be part of an incredible, updated and stylish group of friends.

Social media is where this generation expresses itself. Through likes, comments, photos and videos, they understand, recognize, welcome and identify themselves.

The new brand of the La Moda Group arrives like a trending topic ready to be shared.

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  • COOL

    Laughs at herself, does not take herself so seriously. She let go, changes her mind, her style and leaves tomorrow for later.

  • GLAM

    Projects exuberance, it has codes that diversify and identifies itself so that the consumer can be perceived as unique.


    Latest fashion trend, innovation, experimentalism, youth, style identity, unity.


    Cosmopolitan and contemporary, speaks to the world; outfits that match the most diverse settings.


    Young gen Z, new, fresh, uncompromised.


Cosmopolitan, transgressive and adventurous, the My.f.t. girl speaks to the world. She is driven by all the possibilities that show up, even a bucolic setting gets a glam touch. She is always connected, updated and, of course, to be fully aware that all her followers know this is fundamental.

  • Summer 17


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